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Please contact us for more information regarding available data on air concentrations, deposition and soil water data.

SWETHRO is coordinated by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute in Göteborg, Sweden. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding questions or data requests referring to SWETHRO.

Recent publications in English (since 2010):

Karlsson, P.E., Pihl Karlsson, G., Hellsten, S., Akselsson, C., Ferm, M., Hultberg H. 2019. Total deposition of inorganic nitrogen to Norway spruce forests – Applying a surrogate surface method across a deposition gradient in Swedenexternal link, opens in new window, Atmospheric Environment, Volume 217, 116964.

Ferm, M., Granat, L., Engardt, M., Pihl Karlsson, G., Danielsson, H., Karlsson, P.E., Hansen, K., 2019. Wet deposition of ammonium, nitrate and non-sea-salt sulphate inexternal link Sweden 1955 through 2017external link, Atmos. Environ. Volume 2, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.aeaoa.2019.100015.

Grennfelt, P., Engleryd, A., Forsius, M., Hov, Ø., Rodhe, H. and Cowling, E. 2019. Acid rain and air pollution: 50 years of progress in environmental science and policyexternal link, opens in new window, Ambio, https://doi.org/10.1007/s13280-019-01244-4

Karlsson, P.E., Akselsson, C., Hellsten, S. and Pihl Karlsson, G. 2018. A bark beetle attack caused elevated nitrate concentrations and acidification of soil water in a Norway spruce standexternal link, opens in new window, Forest Ecology and management, V422, 338-344.

Johnson, J., Graf Pannatier, E., Carnicelli, S., Cecchini, G., Clarke, N., Cools, N., Hansen, K., Meesenburg, H., Nieminen, T.M., Pihl Karlsson, G., Titeux, H., Vanguelova, E., Verstraeten, A., Vesterdal, L., Waldner. P. & Jonard, M. 2018. The response of soil solution chemistry in European forests to decreasing acid depositionexternal link, opens in new window. Global Change Biology, Volume 24, Issue 8, pp 3603-3619.

Yu, L., Zanchi, G., Akselsson, C., Wallander, H., Belyazid, H., 2018. Modeling the forest phosphorous nutrition in a southwestern Swedish forest siteexternal link, opens in new window. Ecological Modelling 369, 88-100.

Pleijel, H., Grundström, M., Pihl Karlsson, G., Karlsson, P.E. & Chen, D. 2016. A method to assess the inter-annual weather-dependent variability in air pollution concentration and deposition in south-west Sweden based on weather typingexternal link, opens in new window. Atmospheric Environment 126, 200-210.

Yu, L., Belyazid, S., Akselsson, C., van der Heijden, G., Zanchi, G., 2016. Storm disturbances in a Swedish forest - A case study comparing monitoring and modellingexternal link, opens in new window. Ecological Modelling 320, 102-113. 

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Bahr, A., Ellström, M., Akselsson, C., Ekblad, A., Mikusinska, A., Wallander, H., 2013. Growth of ectomycorrhizal fungal mycelium along a Norway spruce forest nitrogen deposition gradient and its effect on nitrogen leakageexternal link, opens in new window. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 59, 38-48.

Pihl Karlsson, G., Akselsson, C., Hellsten, S. & Karlsson, P.E. 2011. Reduced European Emissions Of S And N – Effects On Air Concentrationsexternal link, opens in new window, Deposition And Soil Water Chemistry In Swedish Forests. Environmental Pollution 159, 3571-3582

Akselsson, C., Belyazid, S., Hellsten S., Klarqvist, M. Pihl-Karlsson, G., Karlsson, P.E., Lundin, L. 2010. Assessing the risk of N leaching from forest soils across a steep N deposition gradient in Swedenexternal link, opens in new window, Environmental Pollution 158, 3588-3595.

SWETHRO also generates many regional and national reports in Swedish.

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