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Please contact us for more information regarding available data on air concentrations, deposition and soil water data.

SWETHRO is coordinated by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute in Göteborg, Sweden. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding questions or data requests referring to SWETHRO.

Recent publications in English:

Increased concentrations of nitrate in forest soil water after windthrow in southern Swedenexternal link, opens in new window

Hellsten, S., Stadmark, J., Pihl Karlsson, G., Karlsson, P.E. and Akselsson, C. (2015). Forest Ecology and management 356, 234-242.

Acidification trends in south Swedish forest soils 1986-2008 – slow recovery and high sensitivity to sea-salt episodesexternal link, opens in new window

Akselsson, C., Hultberg, H., Karlsson, P.E., Pihl Karlsson, G., Hellsten, S., (2013). Science of the Total Environment 444, 271-287.

Biomass burning in eastern Europe during spring 2006 caused high deposition of ammonium in northern Fennoscandiaexternal link, opens in new window

Karlsson, P.E., Ferm, M., Tømmervik, H., Hole, L.R., Pihl Karlsson, G., Ruoho-Airola, T., Aas, W., Hellsten, S., Akselsson, C., Nørgaard Mikkelsen, T. & Nihlgård, B. (2013). Environmental Pollution 176, 71-79.

Reduced European Emissions Of S And N Effects On Air Concentrations, Deposition And Soil Water Chemistry In Swedish Forestsexternal link, opens in new window

Pihl Karlsson, G; Akselsson, C; Hellsten, S;Karlsson, P.E (2011). Environmental Pollution 159, 3571-3582.

Assessing the risk of N leaching across a steep N deposition gradient in Swedish forests using different monitoring and modelling approachesexternal link, opens in new window

Akselsson, Cecilia; Belyazid, Salim; Hellsten, Sofie; Klarqvist, Malin; Pihl Karlsson, Gunilla; Karlsson, Per Erik; Lundin, Lars. (2010). Environmental Pollution, 2010. Volume 158, Issue 12, Pages 3588-3595

SWETHRO also generates many regional and national reports in Swedish.

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